About Fair Trade Group Nepal

Fair Trade Group (FTG) Nepal is a consortium of fair trading organizations in Nepal. It seeks to promote the advancement of the socio-economic status of underprivileged and marginalized producers across the country. It was formally registered as a non-trading not for profit an NGO in 1996. Member organizations of FTG Nepal are involved in supporting producers and raising awareness towards influencing change in the international trade regime. At present, more than 10,000 underprivileged producers and 45,000 producers are directly and indirectly benefiting through FTG Nepal and its members.


FTG Nepal collaborates with handicraft, agro-food and NTFP-based organizations in order to influence policy, encourage Fair Trade practices among producer groups, support marketing schemes at the national and international levels, promote self-reliance among marginalized producers and encourage enterprises built upon indigenous skills. The organization also aims to enhance solidarity among fair trading and likeminded organizations, partners and stakeholders at the national, regional and international levels to for the further promotion of the Fair Trade movement.


Member organizations provide a range of business support services to their producers including operation funds, small capital investment, design inputs, training and access to local and international markets. A number of social services are also provided, including education for the children of producers, treatment and rehabilitation for those affected by leprosy and orphanages to provide safe havens for street children and orphans.



To improve the quality of life of low income groups of people through Fair Trade.



To promote Fair Trade and provide support to its members and also to like-minded organizations contributing towards sustainable livelihoods at the grass-root and local level through Fair Trade-focused enterprise.



  • To advocate and lobby for Fair Trade policies in Nepal
  • To increase membership and outreach
  • To administer memberships for FTG Nepal and WFTO-Asia
  • To enhance capacity of member organizations
  • To strengthen unity among members and capitalize on existing resources
  • To promote and develop FTG Nepal as a Business Development Service (BDS) resource centre
  • To design and implement projects that will enhance the livelihoods of low income groups
  • To institutionalize FTG Nepal as a leading institution in promoting Fair Trade through organization development
  • To develop, design and implement Fair Trade monitoring mechanisms
  • To facilitate Fair Trade market expansion
  • To expand and strengthen national, regional and international networks
  • To promote Fair Trade movement at the national level