Promotion of Fair Trade, Advocacy, Lobby and Networking

FTG Nepal regularly conducts activities and events to promote Fair Trade, which includes celebrating World Fair Trade Day, organizing and participating in exhibitions, holding media campaigns, organizing educational tours, and holding dialogues and meetings with concerned government authorities. FTG Nepal also conducts orientation and interaction programs for entrepreneurs, grassroots producers, NGOs and business organizations to promote and educate on Fair Trade practices.

Lobbying activities have been undertaken by FTG Nepal to influence policymakers to adopt Fair Trade friendly policies, through presenting position papers to concerned bodies, joint delegations and making appeals to policy level authorities. FTG Nepal also builds networks with stakeholders at the local, national and international level.


Fair Trade Tourism

As an extension of the Fair Trade philosophy to tourism, FTG Nepal has initiated Fair Trade tour programs where responsible travelers can visit, in addition to regular touristic destinations, local communities and organizations that are working for the social and economic advancement of low income producers. The travelers can see how Fair Trade organizations have benefitted the artisans/famers and their communities, how handicraft products are made, can buy Fair Trade products etc. The travelers in the past have expressed satisfaction to have been treated fairly and to see that their choice have contributed to the local communities. If you are interested in the Fair Trade tour, please contact us at