About Nepal

Nepal is popularly symbolized across the globe, by the highest mountain in the world; Mount Everest. This small South Asian country is home to the world’s highest snowy mountains and an array of ethnic groups with vibrant cultures, religions, ancient history and languages. Nepal, a landlocked nation, situated between India and China, is one of a few countries in the world where such immense climatic and topographic diversity features so dramatically and is crammed into such a small geographical area.


The north is covered by enormous, snow-capped mountains with a cold alpine climate, the middle region is scattered with hills and has a mild climate, and the southern region is made up of the flat Terai with a very warm, humid and tropical climate. The Himalayan and hilly landscape have attracted adventure-seeking travellers for years, they come for mountaineering, climbing, trekking, hiking, mountain biking, helicopter sightseeing, paragliding, hang gliding and rafting. Nearly one-third of the total length of the Himalayas and eight of the world’s highest peaks are situated in Nepal.


Nepal is also rich in biological diversity and is home to a wide variety of flora, fauna and wildlife. Rich culture, art and history attract visitors each year, where they can see various religions coexisting harmoniously among the multitude of ethnic groups that form the people of Nepal.


The birth place of The Lord Buddha, holy Hindu sites, beautiful temples, stupas, mosques and churches, a number UNESCO heritage sites and the most mesmerizing scenery you could ever feast your eyes on, all bring people flocking to the warm and welcoming republic of Nepal.


Temperature of Kathmandu in November

November happens to be the best month for visiting Kathmandu.

The weather and visibility during this month is just perfect for trekking and outdoor activities. The average daytime temperatures are around 15°C (about 59°F) and it is just the perfect temperature to enjoy hikes and walks around the town without getting sweaty or uncomfortable in the excessive heat that can be experienced at other times of the year. 

The chances of rain in November are next to none.

The atmosphere and the environment is also at its best during this period. The whole valley is green and lush due to all the monsoon rain. 

Kathmandu in November also receives sunshine for 8 to 9 hours a day.


Map of tribhuvan international airport to park village resort

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How to get to the Hotel from the Tribhuwan international airport

 There are 2 Options to travel hotelby Tribhuwan international airport.

  • Prepaid taxi:-

Once you step out of the arrival gate the pre-paid taxi service is on your right. Pre-paid taxis are government operated, where you pay in advance for the taxi, depending on the distance. Prepaid taxis are safer and cheaper too. A taxi is allocated to you and all the taxi details are noted down there. Cost is around NRs. 1,000.00- (US$15.00).


  • Local Taxi (we can get the local Taxi outside of the Tribhuwan international airport but need to bargain with the taxi driver.)