Janakpur Womens Development Centre

Janakpur Womens Development Centre (JWDC) was established to promote Mithila arts and crafts as well as to empower women, both economically and socially through income generation programs. As a uniquely designed women's training and cultural centre, JWDC is the first of its kind to promote and preserve the ancient art and culture of Janakpur and a pioneer in introducing the art of Nepal's Maithili women to the national and international markets. The women come from neighboring villages to produce art and handicrafts as well as to receive training in various skills such as arts and business development. JWDC employs 2 male staff and 39 female producers who work in five different production sections: painting, papier mâché, sewing, screen-printing and ceramics. The women come from different ethnic groups and produce different products depicting Mithila artwork including paintings, and household products.