Sujha Traders & Exporters

Sujha Traders and Exports is an export oriented organization manufacturing high quality garments. It was registered in 1998 with the government of Nepal. The garments items are produced by economically disadvantaged people such as Tharu girls and boys (kamlaris), other ethnic and lower caste also. The organization is operated by Mr. Jhaindra Prasad Ghimire, proprietor who is a well known person in the garment sector along with a dedicated and experienced team. The main products of Sujha Traders are jackets, shirts, coats, trousers, skirts, hats, gloves, made of cotton woven and knitted fabric. These items are exported to USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and other Asian countries. The required raw materials are imported from china, India and are sourced locally. In addition Sujha traders also extends other programs to help orphanages, poor and destitute people through economic support.