Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation

Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation

The Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco-Foundation (KRMEF) is an NGO established in 2008 in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Its aim is to create a healthy, sustainable environment that embodies eco-friendly practices for the well-being of local communities. Their founding principles have remained at the center of all their activities. These include: respect, integrity, dignity, productivity, trust, and inclusiveness. Through their programs, they wish to foster the growth of inclusive communities throughout Nepal and beyond. KRMEF believes individual health and happiness is profoundly connected with the natural environment. Therefore, by taking steps to live in a sustainable manner, individuals can ensure a healthy earth while leading enriching lives.



Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation

​​​​​​​Contact Details:

Mr. Krishna Gurung, Founding President

Chalnakhel-5, Khahare, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: 977-9851043710