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Interaction Program on "Planning the Project Roadmap for 2024-2028"
13,Jun 2023

Interaction Program on "Planning the Project Roadmap for 2024-2028"

Fair Trade Group Nepal (FTGN) convened an interactive session on June 13, 2023, in Kathmandu to strategize the Project Roadmap for the period 2024-2028 with its Member Organizations comprising Fair Trading Organizations working in handicraft, agro-food, and non-timber forest products. 
The primary objective of the program was to engage in discussion regarding the potential intervention areas including geographical expansion, product development, entrepreneurship ecosystem development, and identification and promotion of locally sourced raw materials. 
Dr. Sunil Chitrakar, Chairperson of Fair Trade Group Nepal, commenced the program by providing a concise overview of the ongoing project, "Enhancing Livelihood through Fair Trade," highlighting its impacts, lessons learned, and ways to enhance relevance for the members. Leveraging their expertise in various crafts, agro-food, and other sectors, the FTGN member organizations put forth pertinent points in determining the way forward to design the upcoming project. 
Several key points were raised during the program. These included reviving the producer groups FTGN previously worked with in districts- Gorkha, Nuwakot, and Sindhupalchowk and continuing intervention and support to producer groups in Lumbini Province. Participants also emphasized the significance of digital literacy amongst youths which is paramount to connect the producers with FT organizations and intervene in supply chain issues of the members and capitalize the challenges into opportunities by strengthening the capabilities of the members. The development of an incubation center focusing on innovation and skill matching to address the shortage of skilled manpower amongst trading organizations was identified. Additionally, the establishment of a comprehensive database of raw materials, accessible to Fair Trade organizations as needed, was proposed.  Participants stressed the importance of Fair Trade practices in the intervention areas and target assessed the situation of the design center that was initiated by TEPC, and emphasized the creation of knowledge products and case stories for proper documentation. It was also agreed to continue the "My Culture, My Enterprise" campaign in the upcoming project to promote and preserve local culture and production.