Voice of Fair Trade

"The transformation that I see in myself, the moral and values which I learned are only because of working in a Fair Trade organization - my pillar of support."

Chandra Kumari Chhetri, NGCC

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Fair Trade Group Nepal
Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur, Nepal
PO Box 13620, Kathmandu
Phone:977-1- 5549848, 5542608
Email: ftgnepal@info.com.np

Producer stories


Prem Maharjan, KTS

As a child, at the age of 8, Prem Maharjan was playing soccer when he fell down and seriously injured his left leg. He was brought to the hospital for an operation, but the o...

Fair Trade Products

Our member organizations produce a variety  of handicrafts, agro-food and non timber forest products. They range from household textiles to gifts, from musical instruments to toys, from tea and coffee to grains and

Partnership Projects

FTG Nepal has collaborated with various national andinternational government organizations, chambers and associations, international donor agencies, Fair Trade networks, embassies and diplomatic missions....